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New blog

on April 14, 2012

I have finally made the decision to change my blog – sorry wordpress!  I really needed a theme that reflected my passions!  I’m a teacher first and foremost, with a passion for educational resources – my small business.  Added to that is my growing interest in creating resources for others to use.  I felt I needed to have a theme to reflect that and just cannot afford the costs associated with custom designs.  I was able to find a free design with blogger and therefore am switching my loyalties!

My new blog can be found here and I have started it with some of my more recent posts from this blog – just so it didn’t look too blank – lol!

I’m still getting the hang of it and must admit I prefer WordPress’s functionality, but hey ho, we can’t have it all!  I do intend, however, to keep this blog in case it all goes pear-shaped!

Thank you kindly to my few followers for their support – I hope you continue to follow my blog on the other side!


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